High quality matt frit

High quality matt frit

High quality matte frit YS809

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High quality matt frit YS809

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1080-1130180680For interior wall tile of high-grade matte frit


1050-1130180690Good whiteness, suitable for interior wall tiles.


1000-1100170700Good whiteness, suitable for interior wall tiles.


1050-1120190750Good whiteness, suitable for interior wall tiles and small floor tiles.

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ceramic frit

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1. Are there any other costs?

Beyond the product costs and shipping costs, we do not charge any fees. 
2. Can you customize a product for me?
Of course. We have the professional technical team,so that we can customize the formula for you.
3. Are you a trading company or manufacturer? 
In fact, we have not only the factory but also the trading office.
4. What's the shipping way?
Generally speaking,our shipment is usually by the EMS,  DHL, sea transport etc.if you have any special requirements, we could negotiate it.

5.What kind of frit are produced in your company?

  The company's main ceramic frit, transparent frit, zirconium frit, titanium frit,  high expansion frit, lead frit, semi opaque frit, boron frit and other Frit and feldspar, alumina, magnesia, apatite, wollastonite, nepheline, brick powder, printing powder, ceramic pigment and other chemical raw materials, the company from the process to the formula throughout the independent research and development, a professional R & D Center and team, 24 hours online reply your question, In the customer first philosophy, look forward to your cooperation! Looking forward to your visit!

Zibo Yishun Ceramic Pigment & Glaze Co., Ltd. 

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