Semi Opaque Frit Of Factory Outlets

Semi Opaque Frit Of Factory Outlets

semi opaque frit temperature:1080-1130℃

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semi opaque frit of factory outlets  YS615

semi-opaque ceramic frit description

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6151080-1130180680Intermediate temperature semi-transparent white frit;wide range of firing temperature; Suitable for two fast firing wall tiles; used for Interior wall and exterior wall
 603 1080-1130    180    680

Intermediate temperature semi-transparent white frit;Glaze specifically for interior wall tiles;Suitable for two fast firing wall tiles;

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semi opaque frit

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ceramic frit

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50kg/ Woven bags

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zibo yishun glaze

About us:

Our main products include: various kinds of ceramic frit (transparent frit, inkjet frit, matt frit, water-proof titanium frit, opaque/zirconium white frit, lead frit, small and big C.O.E. frit ,frit powder), zinc oxide, alumina oxide,  CMC, kaolin, lithium china stone powder, feldspar , ceramic pigment (every kinds of color) and other chemical raw materials used in ceramic..


1.Can i get a sample before mass production?

Yes,if you tell us your demanels clearly and we can offer free charge of in 500g

2. What's your payment terms?

T/T, D/P, L/C, or negotiation,we can discuss

3.How about the validity of the offer?

Usually it is valid for 7-10 days. However, validity might vary between different products.

4.What documents you provide?

Usually, we provide Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bill of loading, COA , of certificate. Please let us know if you need additional documents.

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