Water-Proof Glaze Frit Titanium Glaze

Water-Proof Glaze Frit Titanium Glaze

Water-Proof Glaze Frit Titanium Glaze YS 906

Product Details

Water-Proof Glaze Frit Titanium Glaze YS 906


NumberTemperature rangeCoefficient of expansionSofteningUse

Titanium glaze

YS 9061080-1130℃190700℃good whiteness ;wide range of firing temperature;waterproof engobe frit;used for Interior wall

Titanium glaze

YS 9071060-1120℃200680℃Medium-temperature expansion, mainly used for inner wall impervious glaze

Titanium glaze

YS 9081000-1100℃280600℃Low-temperature high-swell Mainly used for interior wall tiles

Titanium glaze

YS 9091100--1160℃190750℃High temperature and low expansion Mainly used for interior wall tiles

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ceramic frit

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Qingdao port

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3000 Tons Per month

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We have professional expert team, which can provide superior technical services and support to customers anytime


Low raw material cost make our price most competitive


We have a professional foreign trade team and technical guidance. If you have any questions, we can answer your questions unconditionally.

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