High Transparency Glaze Enamel Frit For Ceramic Wall Tile

High Transparency Glaze Enamel Frit For Ceramic Wall Tile

production name :High transparency glaze enamel frit for ceramic wall tile
production code:YS5108
instruction for using:high temperature transparent frit;wide range of firing temperature;Glaze specifically for floor tiles

Product Details

Global glaze transparent frit detailsceramic raw material guide

         High transparency glaze enamel frit for ceramic wall tile

production typehigh transparency ceramic frit
Production codeYS 5108
package 50 bag/pallet, with or without pallets,or cutomized it.
Typetransparent frit for wall tiles
range of firing temperature1080-1150℃

Payment terms

L/C or T/T,or negotiate it.
Intruction for using

Widely used in household porcelain, architectural ceramics and high tCan be used in any kind of glaze, mainly used in ceramic and construction

Customized transparent frit showceramic raw material guide

global glaze transparent frit 5108

The effect of high transparent frit glass fritceramic raw material guide

high transparent frit glass 5108

The reason you choose usceramic raw material guide

 We welcome you to contact us for more information and look forward to working with you!

1.We pass ISO9001 and have extremely strict QC system.

2. We have over 30 technical experts of frits & pigment from domestic & overseas, focusing on technical development & product improvement.

3. We have complete quality control system, strong technical supporting team, which is focusing on customer service in this world.

4.We have the Low raw material cost,which makes our price becomes more competitive.

FAQ of crystal frit transparent frit

ceramic raw material guide

Q1. Are you factory or trading company ?

We are not only a factory,bur also the trading company.

Q2. What’s the MOQ ?

Generally speaking, our MOQ is 50 kg for enamel frit, and the MOQ is 25 kg for pigment.

Q3. What is your principle for the samples ?

We offer free samples if you are willing to pay the shipping cost.

Q4. What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

A: Your base material, your application area (best to send your finished product picture), the physical parameters you require, the quantity you need. If possible, you can send me your samples and we will customize for you.

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