Wholesale Zibo High-expansion Coefficient Frit

Wholesale Zibo High-expansion Coefficient Frit

High-expansion Coefficient Frit YS708 Mainly used:glazed porcelain tile,mediation expansion coefficient of the whole cast glaze

Product Details

Wholesale Zibo High-expansion Coefficient Frit  YS708

 1.low softening point, used for Crackle glaze;

   high expansion coefficient frit,wide use,whiteness

2.wide range of  firing temperature:950-1050℃

3.high COE:330

4. Softening Point:630℃

5. Stable product

6. Mainly used:glazed porcelain tile,mediation expansion coefficient of the whole cast glaze  High-expansion Coefficient Frit

Our delivery process

Yi shun glaze

Why choose us?

1.We have more than 20 years experience in ceramic industry,especially for the ceramic transparent frit. 

2. we could supply full range of ceramic frit and ceramic raw material and work with many brother manufacturers. 
3. Our shortest delivery time. Our factory has five production lines and one backup production line, can support any urgent orders. 
4. We offer the free sample of transparent frit for customers and solve all the problem during the process of testing, so customers could believe our strength completely.

How to Contact us

Thank you for coming to our product family and I am very happy that we can have the opportunity to work together .we are working on frit for many years so we have rich experience in this area. If our products can't meet your demands, tell us your require (about firing temperature, C.O.E, water-proof effect and glaze effect ) without hesitation. We will try our best to make you feel satisfied . I hope we can be good friends from now on. Best regards !!

Zibo Yishun Ceramic Pigment & Glaze Co., Ltd. 

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Contact: Ms Sandy

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