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Ceramic Decoration Techniques

- Apr 14, 2017 -

Ceramic decoration and the use of utensils, modelling and social aesthetic orientation, has close and inseparable ties. Decoration is an important means for the art processing of ceramics. It plays an active and effective role in improving the appearance quality of utensils and enriching the cultural life. Ceramic decoration methods are many, can be divided into two major categories, one is glazed decoration, the other is glazed decoration. There are traditional crafts and modern technology. Learning accreditation should understand its development and evolution history and its artistic characteristics and style.

Glaze under the color is a variety of high-temperature pigments, in the mud or pigment on the burning billet painting patterns, and then a transparent glaze, into the kiln by the high temperature once firing. It is characterized by painted patterns and billet glaze at the same time firing at high temperatures. The color material fully penetrated in the billet glaze, the porcelain surface is bright and clean moisture, the color transparent Riyadh, has the full moisture feeling. Enduring unchanged.

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