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Ceramic Identification method

- Apr 14, 2017 -

1, the appearance must be novel, unique, elegant color, glazed delicate, smooth feel of the apparatus, in the focus on artistry and decoration on the basis of, also can pay attention to practicality.

2, above see, from inside to outside, see there is no distortion, distortion, there is no white glaze, sticky glaze, bump off porcelain and scar phenomenon. Put the ceramics on the counter, see whether smooth, there is no warping phenomenon; there is a lid on the article, must try the mouth and the cover is appropriate. The same specification, model product should be size, thickness consistency.

3, put the porcelain on the counter, on the ground or by hand, light bombs, a few sound crisp, loud, good quality, strong, such as abnormal sound, the description of cracks, internal injuries or breakage. such as bulky ceramics, also should listen to different parts of the sound.

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