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Ceramics classified by use

- Apr 14, 2017 -

① Building a sanitary ceramics: such as tiles, drainage pipes, brick, exterior walls, sanitary ware, etc.

② Chemical (chemical) Ceramics: used in various chemical industry acid containers, pipelines, towers, pumps, valves, and lining the reaction pot of acid brick, ash, etc.

Electric porcelain: Used for power industry high and low voltage transmission lines on the insulator. Motor casing, pillar insulators, low-voltage electrical appliances and lighting insulators, as well as telecommunications insulators, radio insulators and so on;

④ Special Ceramics: For all kinds of modern industry and cutting-edge science and technology of special ceramic products, high-alumina-oxygen porcelain, magnesia-stone porcelain, titanium-magnesium stone porcelain, zircon porcelain, lithium porcelain, and magnetic porcelain, metal ceramics and so on.

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