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Do you know the difference between kaolin in the raw, washed, and calcined kaolin?

- Oct 12, 2017 -

     Kaolin has raw kaolin, washed kaolin and calcined kaolin.

    The shape of the raw kaolin mine is lump, soil-like, sandy, mud, etc., the color from gray to grayish yellow, light yellow, light gray, gray black, black and so on, the alumina content varies Of the black mud, white mud, porcelain sand, porcelain sand can be considered kaolin, but the content of alumina is low.

    Washed kaolin is kaolin prepared by the washing process of kaolin, washed with kaolin mixed with quartz, feldspar and other large minerals are separated, mud and organic matter is removed, the alumina content increased, the natural whiteness and Burn whiteness also increased. Washing kaolin is the best raw material for the production of high-grade porcelain, the product after deep processing and modification, can become paper, rubber, paint, paint and other industrial sectors ideal raw materials.

    Calcined kaolin is kaolin or coal gangue by high temperature calcined kaolin, calcined kaolin and calcined kaolin compared to low-temperature calcined kaolin binding water content decreased, silica and alumina content increased, the activity increased, the structure of the Change, particle size is small and uniform. Compared with the non-calcined kaolin-filled NR compound, the vulcanization characteristics of the low-temperature calcined kaolin-filled NR compound are basically the same. The hardness of the A-type A is constant and the tensile strength is improved. The physical properties of both are the non-transparent soles Industry standards.

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