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Important Application of Ceramic Frit

- Jul 17, 2017 -

There are many areas in the ceramic are made of ceramic frit as raw material, because it is rich in its own chemicals, which use the field is also very wide. So, what are the main applications of ceramic frit?

1, in the melting process occurred in the high-temperature chemical reaction, so that some of the toxic materials into non-toxic, so that the soluble material into insoluble vitreous, ceramic frit manufacturers to improve the selection of glaze with the scale and Choose effectiveness.

2, the addition of ceramic frit, reducing the firing process of the glaze reaction temperature and time, is conducive to adjust the glaze quality, complete low-temperature fast burning technology.

3, ceramic frit as a flux, you can more easily adjust the selection of white glaze and pigment temperature.

 Zibo Yishun Ceramic Pigment & Glaze Co., Ltd.  have all kinds of ceramic frits;The frits include: Interior wall full Polish frit, interior high-, medium- and low-temperature titanium dioxide frit, high-end interior wall zirconium white frit and zirconium white printing glaze powder, high-end interior wall milky white frit and inkjet frit, matt glaze and matt frit, impervious ground glaze, high-, medium- and lowtemperature impervious frit, floor tile full Polish frit,  floor tile crystal frit, floor tile matt frit, floor tile matt glaze etc. 

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