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What are the techniques for mixing ceramic frits?

- Jul 28, 2017 -

Ceramic frit raw materials to follow a certain principle of mixing, that is, evenly mixed evenly, in the raw materials need to pay special attention when mixing two points:

1, ceramic frit raw materials and refractory materials mixed when the order of the order: should first refractory raw materials (such as quartz, zircon sand, etc.) add a small amount of water, and then add flux raw materials (such as borax, lead Dan, nitric acid Potassium, etc.) are stirred, mixed, sieved, and finally mixed with other raw materials to ensure that the surface of the refractory material is sufficiently encapsulated by the flux to cause the surface of the refractory material to form a eutectic at a relatively low temperature to achieve rapid and complete melting purpose.

2, adding less than 3 to 5 (wt)% of the material to join the method or order. In the dry mixing process, if the ingredients, each kind of raw materials to add one by one. It will produce wet cement or local relative concentration, resulting in mixed non-uniform, and the proportion decreases, the greater the error.

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