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what is back engobe glaze powder for tiles ?

- Jul 13, 2017 -

what is  back engobe glaze powder for tiles ?

Glaze is a colorless or colored glassy layer covered with ceramic products. It is made of mineral raw materials (feldspar, quartz, talc, kaolin, etc.) and raw materials in a proportion (some of which can be made into frit) Grinding made of glaze pulp, applied to the surface of the body, by a certain temperature calcined. Can increase the mechanical strength of products, thermal stability and dielectric strength, as well as landscaping objects, easy to swab, not dust and other characteristics of the erosion.

1. Glaze type, according to the nature of the class, there are enamel, ceramic glaze and flint glaze; by firing temperature, 800 - 1100 ° C fired glaze called low temperature glaze, 1100 ° C-1250 ° C Between the firing glaze for the temperature glaze, 1250 ° C or more firing glaze for high temperature glaze; according to the glaze characteristics of classification, white glaze is the Yuan Dynasty Mongolian people like, the color glaze is its colorful by the people welcome, crystal glaze The pattern changes beautiful and moving, kiln variegated glaze dazzling, beautiful, crack glaze clear and simple, elegant chic. In addition to the above, the modern there are no glaze, opaque glaze, salt glaze and so on. With the development of science and technology, there have been thousands of flowing glaze, the magic of the discoloration of glaze, glittering rainbow glaze, expensive pearl luminous glaze and other new varieties.

2. Color pottery, also known as "glazed pottery". Color pottery glaze rich, both more than 20 kinds of monochrome glaze, tea glaze, Venus glaze "rain red" and other color art glaze, decorated with its daily utensils, vase flowers, color glaze hanger and craft furnishings, people feast for the eyes , Is called "wearing a gorgeous clothes pottery."

3. There is a popular pottery in the Tang Dynasty, with yellow, brown, green as the basic glaze, and later people used to call these pottery as "Tang San Cai".

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