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Ceramic Color Glaze

- Apr 14, 2017 -

It is colored and graceful glaze with colored metal elements. Add No to glaze

The same metal oxide as coloring agent, in a certain temperature and atmosphere firing, will show different color glaze, become the color glaze. It has three methods of dividing: first, according to the firing temperature classification, the high temperature color glaze (1300 ℃ or so), medium temperature color glaze (1200 ℃ or so) and the low temperature color glaze (1000 ℃ or so), if the 1250 ℃ for the bounded, divided into high and low two. Second, according to the flame after firing is divided into at oxidizing flame color glaze, the restoration flame color glaze two kinds. Third, according to the characteristics of the appearance of the classification, can be divided into monochrome glaze, complex colored glaze (flower glaze), crack glaze, no light glaze, crystal glaze and so on.

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