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Ceramic Pastel

- Apr 14, 2017 -

Also called "Ancient Color", is a color of the glaze of a variety. The so-called glaze color, is in the burning of the pigment glaze on the surface painted, and then into the baking furnace by degrees Celsius 600-900 degrees of temperature baked. Chinese traditional glaze color, to the Qing Dynasty Kangxi 52 years (1713), kiln craftsman in the inspiration and influence of enamel color, the introduction of the copper tire enamel opaque white color material, in the process and draw on the enamel color of the multi-color level of the preparation techniques, create a "pastel" glaze color new varieties. This white color material, commonly known as "glass white". Because of the glass white and colorful color mixture, so that all kinds of color produced "powder". Red color turns pink, green color turns pale light, Huang Cai turn yellow, other colors also become opaque shallow tone, and can control the amount of its added to obtain a series of different shades of shade, to give people a soft sense of powder, so called this glaze color "pastel", in the performance techniques, from the flat fill has progressed to the shade of the dyeing; in style, its layout and brushwork, all have the traditional Chinese painting characteristics.

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