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Development Of Ceramic Decoration

- Apr 14, 2017 -

In ancient times, the dragon and Phoenix are people imagine the protection of God, the folk described as "the head of the Golden Pheasant, body such as Mandarin ducks, peng wings, crane legs, parrot mouth, peacock tail." Phoenix ranks the first of hundreds of birds, symbolizing good and peace.

"Phoenix", also known as "Fenghuang", is the ancient Chinese myth of the King of the Hundred birds, one of four spirits. Usually people call the male birds "phoenix", the female is called "Huang" (ancient "Emperor"). Legend also has a "Luan", because of the male Phoenix, so there is "Fengfeng" said.

The Feng-pattern decoration on ceramics underwent two different stages of development. Primitive Society to the six Dynasties period, is the breeding and production of feng stripes period, Tang Dynasty to Qing Dynasty is the development period of Feng. The earliest in the Neolithic pottery has a simple image of the birds.

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