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History Of Ceramic Development

- Apr 14, 2017 -

In China, the production of pottery technology can be traced back to the age of 4,500 years before the era of 2500, it can be said that an important part of the history of the Chinese nation is the history of ceramics, the achievements of Chinese science and technology and the pursuit and shaping of the United States, in many respects are embodied in ceramic production, and formed a very typical technical and artistic characteristics of the ages.

China has been able to produce quite exquisite porcelain more than 1000 years before the European mastery of porcelain technology. From the development history of China's ceramics, the term "ceramics" is generally divided into two kinds of pottery and porcelain. The development of traditional Chinese ceramics, experienced a fairly long historical period, the kind of multifarious, craft special, so, the classification of Chinese traditional ceramics in addition to consider technical hard index, but also need to comprehensively consider the traditional method of customary classification, combining with the changes in scientific and modern knowledge, can more effectively draw the conclusion of classification.

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