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New Ceramic Color

- Apr 14, 2017 -

The old called Oceanic mining, appearing in the late Qing Dynasty, is a kind of ceramic decoration method introduced from abroad. First colored pigments in the white porcelain surface painted with all kinds of pictures or patterns, and then into the oven baking, this porcelain, called the new porcelain. New Rose, the late Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the gradual development of a new breed. After the founding of the country, several improvements, so that the new color decoration techniques to enrich and develop, and with modern technology, become a widely used decorative form. Jingdezhen is popular in the new color in addition to the Chinese freehand painting style of the flat pen new color, but also bright and vivid brush flowers, spray color, neat and beautiful flat screen printing, silk decals and so on. After a series of reform and innovation, decorative style has formed the Jingdezhen ceramics art local characteristics. New color includes decals, paintings, brush flowers, spray flowers, printing, film-shifting flowers, strokes Jin Jiacai, color printing, corrosion Jin Cai and colorful electric luster. Its characteristics are rich in color, decorative diverse, rough modelling beautiful, vivid patterns, fashionable.

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