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What is the difference between raw glaze and frit glaze?

- Jul 12, 2017 -

What is the difference between raw glaze and frit glaze?

Because the ceramic raw glaze composition does not use frit, it is limited to the maximum firing temperature greater than 1150 ℃ when we used it. 

Usually used to produce hard porcelain, vitrified sanitary porcelain, stoneware, porcelain and a variety of low-expansion body glaze. Raw material glaze contains mineral solvents, such as feldspar or nepheline syenite, plus clay, quartz, calcium carbonate, dolomite, zinc oxide and zirconium silicate as a common raw material. Low-expansion raw glaze also uses lithium feldspar as a flux.

Raw glaze does not have any form of glass phase, must be in the firing time enough to discharge the gas from the raw material components, glaze melting can be smooth and no bubbles of glazed, so raw glaze firing time much  longer than the frit glaze.

In the firing temperature below 1150 ℃, it is appropriate to use frit glaze. Also in the use of low-temperature fast burning process, the need for a corresponding increase in glaze frit content.

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Type: transparent frit glaze

  • Usage: wall tiles,floor tiles

  • Color: transparency

  • High transparent,super-flat,super-bright crystal frit for wall Tiles,stability is good!

  Zibo Yishun Ceramic Pigment & Glaze Co., Ltd.  have all kinds of ceramic frits;The frits include: Interior wall full Polish frit, interior high-, medium- and low-temperature titanium dioxide frit, high-end interior wall zirconium white frit and zirconium white printing glaze powder, high-end interior wall milky white frit and inkjet frit, matt glaze and matt frit, impervious ground glaze, high-, medium- and low-temperature impervious frit, floor tile full Polish frit,  floor tile crystal frit, floor tile matt frit, floor tile matt glaze etc.


Code NO.Firing RangeC.O.E                 (x10-7°C)Softening PointAPPLICATION
606                    1080-1130℃180700℃

transparent;wide range of firing temperature;

Glaze specifically for interior wall tiles;

608                             1100-1160℃180750℃

High-transparent glossy frit,suitable for interior wall tile in single or double fast firing

628                            1080-1120℃170700℃

transparent;wide range of firing temperature;Glaze specifically for interior wall tiles;Bright colors;

627                         950-1050℃185680℃

low temperature transparent frit;wide range of firing temperature;Glaze specifically for  wall tiles;Bright colors;


Appearance goodlooking, good gloss after melting,very translucent;Mainly used for wall tiles, antique tiles, floor tiles


Appearance good-looking,good gloss after melting, very translucent;Mainly used for wall tiles,foot line,


high temperature transparent frit;wide range of firing temperature;Glaze specifically for wall tiles

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