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Why Do You Want To Add Frits To Ceramic Production?

- Jul 11, 2017 -

 Why do you want to add frits in ceramic production?

 What kind of effect does the fritce play?

1. so that the soluble raw materials become insoluble

2. so that the toxic raw materials into no toxicity

3. to reduce the glaze burning decomposition reaction

4. as a flux to reduce the sintering temperature of ceramics, so that the rapid firing of ceramic low temperature

5. improve the quality of glaze, improve product performance.

Zibo Yishun Ceramic Pigment & Glaze Co., Ltd. is an manufacturer that have more than twenty years experience in ceramic industry!

Our company always insist on the ceramic raw material  keeping high quality will be the most important for ceramic glaze.

Yishun glaze is my brand,we are major in all kinds of ceramic glaze frit, including transparent frit, opaque frit,waterproof frit,titanium frit,semi-opaque frit, matte frit,full-polished frit,ceramic frit powder and various of vetrosa etc.

At the same times,we can offer all kinds of ceramic raw material which is be sold to the whole world,including kaolin,china clay,alumina powder,zinc oxide,feldspar and so on.

Ceramic frit


suitable for

Transparent frit

interior wall tile, out wall tile, floor tile

850-950C: YS8181,YS8182,YS8183, high C.O.E.

950-1050C: YS701,YS702,YS703.YS627,

1080-1130C: YS603, YS606, YS6083, YS628,YS5106,  YS201, YS5107,YS5108

Titanium frit

interior wall tile, floor tile.

1050-1100C:YS908,low temperature and high COE;

1060-1130C:YS907, middle temperature and middle COE;

1080-1130C:YS906,high temperature and middle COE;

1100-1150C: YS909, high temperature and low COE.

High expansion frit

interior wall tile, out wall tile, floor tile.

850-950C: YS8181,YS8182,YS8183.

Milky white frit

floor tile, out wall tile, small tile, Antique, Western-style tile.


 1150-1200C: YS807

Matt frit

engobe, small tile,out wall tile, interior wall tile

1080-1150C: YS807,YS817,YS818.

opaque/zircon frit

interior wall tile and Sanitary ware.

1080-1130C: YS687, 1090-1150C: YS688

Full polished frit

interior wall tile, floor tile ,small wall tile.

1080-1150C:YS639 ; 950-1050C: YS627                                     

Black frit

Art porcelain, tableware porcelain, Glass tile. 800-900C

Lead frit

Art porcelain, Tableware porcelain, Glass tile.

850-950C: YS1010, Lead 10%; YS1515, lead 15%; YS2020, lead 20%;

YS 3030, lead 30%; YS4040, lead 40%; YS5050, lead 50%.

Semi opaque frit

interior wall tile

1080-1150C: YS603,YS 613, YS615, YS6151,YS618

Inkjet frit

interior wall tile:1070-1130C


Border line, interior wall tile, small floor tile

850-950C: 1#

950-1050C: 2#,3# polish vetrosa

Frit powder

All kinds(YS701: 850-950C,YS702:950-1050C)


REMARK:Our company can offer the customized service,if our ceramic glaze frit cant meet 

your demands,you can tell your requirement,we produce glaze according to your formula!

Meanwhile we can Offer the technological service and the sample free of charge!

Chemical raw material (used in ceramic)



Kaolin block/powder

Used in glaze or engobe, pls tell me your require about whiteness, mesh etc.


Glazed, engobe etc. We have 3 kinds content nepheline powder.

Sodium/potassium feldspar

Pls tell me your require about mesh, whiteness.

Zinc Oxide

We have different purity of ZnO: 88%,90%, 95%,96%,98%99%,99.5% etc.

Barium carbonate

 BaCo3 purity : 99.2%

Lithium chinastone

Pls tell me your require about whiteness and mesh, we have different kinds

Calcined alumina

Al2O3 purity:99.5%

Sodium carbonate

 Na2CO3 purity more than 99.9%

Aluminium oxide powder

Al2O3 purity:98.6%


Have different quality for body and glaze.

Engobe powder

Used for small tile, big tile ,wall tile.

Lusterglaze powder

Used for small tile, big tile ,wall tile.

Ceramic pigment



Inclusion color

 Temperature : 750-850C, 850-950C, 950-1050C.

Body stains

Temperature : 750-850C, 850-950C, 950-1050C.

Glaze color

Temperature : 750-850C, 850-950C, 950-1050C.


Thank you for your interesting.

All products, please tell me your detail require,

then we offer them according to your demand.

My connect way :

whatsapp/CALL: +8613573523942

Skype: sandy317718443

Email: sandyyishuntaoci@gmail.com                                 

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