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  Zibo Yishun Ceramics and Glaze, the expedition returned with a full load

Recently, Zibo Yishun Ceramics and Glaze Co., Ltd. delegation began a 20-day building materials market inspection activities to Vietnam, Pakistan, India. The tour was led by Cui Yueliang, the chairman of Zibo Yishun Ceramics and Glaze Co., Ltd, with Foreign Trade Manager Chang Mingxia and engineer Wang Keli. They bring the wonderful inspection results for us.

ceramic frit delegation

In the past two years, with the development of environmental protection supervision and the promotion of environmental protection supervision "looking back", the domestic ceramic market has obviously shrunk, and in addition to the policy of limiting production during the heating season in the northern region, many ceramic factories have begun a long production stoppage season as soon as they enter the heating season. Against this background, Cui Yueliang, the chairman of Zibo Yishun Ceramics and Glaze Co., Ltd., also began to think about the enterprise transformation and the way of "going out". In the off-season like the heating season, it is imperative to go abroad to study the foreign market.

Yishun delegation

Zibo Yishun Ceramics glaze Co., Ltd. is one of the larger and earlier ceramic glaze manufacturers in Shandong Province. As early as 2012, Cui Yueliang began to open up foreign markets and strengthen the company's foreign trade team. After several years of growth, the company's business scope has been all over the world, the company's operations of transparent frit, opacified frit, titanium frit and many other products was trust by domestic and foreign building ceramics enterprises!

A total of more than a dozen ceramic enterprises from three countries were inspected on this trip. Cui Yueliang is not only the chairman of the company but also the chief technical engineer. Before the trip, the delegation took the samples of the company with them, and every time they went to a new factory, they will certainly visit the kiln in the factory. The quality problems of the products can be directly communicated and discussed. Compared with the usual sample mailing, the time consumption of the mailing process can be greatly reduced, and after testing the product, it can also find out the key points and adjust the formula in time to the maximum extent to ensure the company's products in the foreign ceramic factory applicability.

ceramic industry delegation

The delegation in foreign countries full of goods, at the beginning of the New year, I wish the order of Zibo Yishun Ceramics and Glaze Co., Ltd. could be sent like snowflakes, the foreign trade business is booming, please board a tall building!

ceramic and pigment delegation

Zibo Yishun Ceramic glaze Co., Ltd. has an annual output of more than 100000 tons, the company has a number of professional technical engineers; Since the opening of our company, we have always insisted on advanced information technology and quality products and perfect after-sales service to each customer, "good product quality, good service" is the real label that the customer to give the company. All staff  of our company wholeheartedly provides the high quality service for the general customer! Welcome friends at home and abroad to visit the guidance!

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