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At the moment,there are two workshops which is more than 1000㎡,and five warehouses which is more than 10000㎡.

At in all,we can own enough space to store goods. 
All ceramic glaze is through mixing,processing,firing,sifting,and packing,then transported to my store;Our company owned perfect delivery process and ensure all customer will receive goods what they want to.

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The annual party of Zibo Yishun

The conference kicked off the host's wonderful New Year's message; afterwards, Mr. Cui , Chairman of the Board of Directors, made a comprehensive summary. Mr. Cui concluded the company has successfully developed a series of products, such as the ceramic glaze YS606, YS627, and so on in the past year,which are in good demand. Mr. Cui also proposed the idea for the future development of the company in 2018 to continue to carry forward the spirit of innovation, to develop more new products. By the time of the report, our company has been successfully developed a new transparent frit YS6228, YS6116, there is an important point to say, all ceramic frit glaze also produced by ourselves, and our company can offer the free technical service, a new type of titanium frit YS908,YS907. Lastly the chairman commended the company's 2017 advanced collective and advanced individuals in the party.


At this annual party, Yishun employees created and behaved a variety of cultural programs, and made the whole party climax. The double chorus " Sentimental Version " brought us a wonderful beginning, expressing the gratitude of the employees to the company. The beautiful dance of the children intoxicated everyone. The male and female colleagues interspersed with the singles "Father" and "When You Are Old", which triggered everyone's gratitude to the parents. And the interactive game of employees interspersed during the program was very lively. The exciting lucky lottery pushed the atmosphere of the annual meeting to a climax. At the party's dinner, all the staff celebrated the success of this annual party, and wished the future would be better.


The entire annual party was successfully concluded in a harmonious, warm, passionate and joyful atmosphere, showing the spirit of a staff member who is full of energy, positive and united. Looking back at 2017, we work together, work hard, and gain together; look forward to 2018, we have the same goal, full of confidence, and look forward to the future of Yishun will be more brilliant.


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