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Our company always insist on the goods keeping high quality will be the most important for ceramic glaze.

Yishun glaze is my brand,we are major in all kinds of ceramic glaze frit, including transparent frit, opaque frit,waterproof frit,titanium frit,semi-opaque frit, matte frit,full-polished frit,ceramic frit powder and various of vetrosa etc. 

At the same times,we can offer all kinds of ceramic raw material which is be sold to the whole world,including kaolin,china clay,alumina powder,zinc oxide,feldspar and so on.

The new products in November 10th 2017:

Semi-opaque frit glaze YS 603

Transparent frit YS6083

wall frits glaze YS 5108

The new products in March 2018:

High Transparency Frit Super Flat  YS 6119 

Transparent frit YS 6118

Transparent frit YS 639

Opaque frit YS 808

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